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In two days tomorrow will be yesterday.

Segunda-feira, 05.03.12

did you ever love me?



I gave up on you a number of times. Each one, you stopped me. You made promises and begged me not to walk out the door. A few times, I was just so tired of the loneliness, of the emptyness, of the distance, that Ireally did walk out the door. And you came and get me later on. And again, the promises. I tried, so very hard, to believe you. I did for a while. Then I just kept waiting for a miracle. And the miracle never happened. I was so tired, so hopeless... I tried every way to make you stop me from giving up on you.

And then you gave up on me and opened the door.


Someday, when I'm strong enough, I'll write everything and call it a screenplay. A mad woman will play me and a shallow man will play you.



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